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Cordelières Revil Ronzière
Revil-Ronzière Tressage et passementerie 2  sites de production

      & tricotine

New production

Our studiop is expanding with the takeover of Établissements Ronzière, located in Lalevade d'Ardèche (07), which has specialised for a century in the manufacture of knitwear and a variety of cordelières: : milleperles, nervures, soufflés, câblés.

This expertise is aimed at the fashion, furniture and packaging sectors.

Passing on this workshop confirms our passion for the world of trimmings and renews our daily commitment to ensuring the continuity and promotion of excellent textile expertise.

 Milleperles, nervures, soufflés, câblés.

Palette de coloris
soufflés nervures milleperles


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