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Machine-based production

Sampling & manufacturing

50 slow-revolution wooden looms, whose production quality remains unrivalled to this day.
They can be used to work silk, lurex and certain metal threads for gold and silver trimmings.

Production: laces, square cords, flat braids, beaded mesh braids, sweeper braids, piping, twists and bumblebees, soutaches, princesses, serpentines... and fancy braids...


and sampling at the studio


from 1 metre.

High Innovation

The originality and uniqueness of our collections are linked to our ability to adapt & transform machines for the development of new products

Exceptional fabrics

Fruit of a privileged collaboration with the last mill in the Parc du Pilat Raw silk, Decorated silk
Bourdonnée silk, Silk hair & lurex, Silk & bamboo , Mohair

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