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Expertise / restoration

The workshop is equipped to carry out the main machine treatments:

- Appraisal / Creation of photographic documentation

- Cleaning / Dusting / Degreasing

- Treatment of corrosion on metal parts

- Repair of small specialist parts (wooden pulleys, metal lugs, capelets, etc.)

- Assembly / Trimming

- Adjustment 

- Greasing

- Waxing

The workshop puts its skills and expertise at your disposal to help you make the most of your mechanical textile heritage, whether it's a question of getting specialist equipment back into working order or designing a decorative object for an interior.


After a careful examination of your equipment, we draw up a condition report together with a treatment proposal.

Our various interventions consist of restoring the machine's functional and aesthetic legibility by enabling the conservation of these materials and shapes. The new materials brought in are used in the ‘restoration’ process, with a view to restoring the operation of your braiding machines.

We work on complete machines to get them working again.

detail machine video
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